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Our Story

Family Farming since 1897

The Kisby family association with Willow Tree farm started in 1897, when Ernest Amos Kisby married Annie Pearson and moved from Sutton in the Isle of Ely to Willow Tree Farm as tenants to Mr Goodchild, the then owner.  The farmhouse where they lived with their seven children still stands on the farm today.  

Ernest Amos was able to buy the farm in 1918 for a sum of around £59 per acre and when he died in 1926 at the age of 60, his eldest son Ernest Walter Kisby took on the running of the farm.

The first tractor came to the farm in 1937 to replace the steam engine that was used to drive the wheat threshing machinery.  However, it wasn't until the next generation of the family took over that mechanisation was embraced with the arrival of the Ferguson TE20 tractor in 1955, replacing the horses that had done most of the ploughing and cultivation until then.

Today the farm is run by the fifth generation of the Kisby family, who are proud to continue the tradition of nurturing the rich fen soils to produce the highest quality potatoes and arable crops.